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Revolutionary AI Album Art Generator

Create unique and captivating album covers instantly with our state-of-the-art AI album art generator. No artistic skills needed, express your music visually with ease.


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Stunning Album Art in Seconds

Utilize our innovative AI album cover art generator to turn your ideas into distinctive album art. Generate a fiery dragon or mountainous landscape simply by describing it. Tailor to your musical style, creating a harmonious brand identity.

Complete Control

Choose from various image resolutions to suit your needs, from high-quality album prints to a simple digital cover. Use our intuitive quality and speed options to optimize your creation process. If you’re a free user, enjoy quick, low-quality options for a speedier experience.

Iterative Creation and Remix Your Images

With our iterative creation process, adjust and tweak your art as you go. Remix up to nine images for a textured, complex, and engaging album cover. Use inspiration images alongside your text descriptions to shape your creative journey.

Engage with a Creative Community

Browse creations from others for inspiration, follow your favorite artists, comment, like, and interact with our vibrant community. Share your workflow and final results with fellow musicians and graphic designers.

Frequently asked questions

What does high-resolution mean?

High resolution refers to the quality or clarity of an image. The higher the resolution, more details can be seen. It’s especially crucial when printing your album cover for a crisp and clear look.

How can I use the free version effectively?

The free version offers lower quality but quick image renderings. Ideal for brainstorming and experimenting with numerous mise-en-scènes, themes, and elements. Upgrade to a paid version once you have your perfect design concept for a high-quality version.

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