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Explore our huge collection of watercolor art and Rainbows made by our passionate community, free for personal or commercial use! Turn your design visions into stunning watercolor rainbows with ease and perfection. Our leading-edge image creation technology lets you generate high-quality and tailored images to infuse life into your projects.


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Seamless Creation of Text-to-Image Rainbows

Through our innovative Text-to-Image feature, Idyllic enables you to succinctly convert your text descriptions into captivating watercolor rainbow images. Whether you’re a graphic artist, a photographer or an art enthusiast, you can leverage this feature to easily transform your creative ideas into tangible realities.

Customize Image Resolutions and Quality

Idyllic allows you to select the resolution and quality that fits best with your design. You can create high-resolution images for your professional projects or go for quicker, lower-quality options for faster results.

Inspiration-Driven Remix Feature

With our innovative Remix feature, blend up to nine images or use ‘inspiration images’ to steer the image generation process. This enables the creation of distinct, beautiful watercolor rainbow images, adding an outstanding touch to your design creation.

Frequently asked questions

How can I generate a watercolor rainbow image based on text descriptions?

Idyllic’s Text-to-Image feature allows you to translate your text descriptions into vivid watercolor rainbow images. Simply input your text and let the technology do its work.

Can I adjust the quality and resolution of the images?

Yes. Idyllic allows you to select from various image resolutions and choose between high-quality and faster, lower-quality options.

Can I blend different images to create a watercolor rainbow?

Yes. Our Remix feature lets you blend up to nine images or use inspiration images to guide the generation of your watercolor rainbow.

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