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Browse our huge collection of floral prints, art and images. Download free, share and get inspired! Transform your imagination into stunning floral prints with our innovative image generation app. As easy as typing in a description, you can generate eye-catching floral designs to enliven your space.


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Create Custom Floral Prints From Text

With Idyllic’s Text-to-Image Generation, you can create unique and vivid floral images from simple text descriptions. Simply tell the app what flowers you want to include, their colors, and the overall style and watch your vision come to life. Perfect for graphic designers, art enthusiasts, and flower lovers.

Control Quality and Speed

Be in control of your art- choose between high-quality image generations or faster, lower-quality options. Need a quick flower sketch for your project or want to go all out and create a detailed floral mosaic? We’ve got you covered.

Iterative Digital Art Creation

Take advantage of our iterative creation process. Made possible by Idyllic, you can sequentially add or remove elements from your generated floral prints, until the final product is an accurate reflection of your thoughts and ideas.

Remix and Create New Art

Experiment with different ideas and styles using our Remix Feature. Watch your creations take new form, as they are digitally blended with up to nine images, creating a more complex and captivating piece.

Share and Engage

Our platform is not just about creating, it’s also about sharing and inspiring. You can browse creations from others, like, comment, and even follow your favorite artists. Join a community of creators passionate about design and art.

Frequently asked questions

What is a floral print?

Floral prints are designs that incorporate flower motifs. They can be used in art and decor or on fabrics and dress prints. Idyllic app can generate a wide variety of floral prints according to your specifications.

How do I generate a floral print?

Simply provide a basic text description specifying the type of flowers, colors, arrangement, and background. You can refine the generated image by requesting specific changes until you’re satisfied with the result.

How can I share my created floral print?

Idyllic allows you to publish ‘threads’ of your workflow, showcasing your creative process and final results to the community. Social features enable you to share, comment on, and receive likes on your work.

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