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Unleash the power of Idyllic’s innovative technology to spawn stunning, high resolution images from just a text description. Want a rendition of the iconic Jaws movie poster in an anime style, or maybe painted á la Van Gogh? Just describe it, and Idyllic will generate it!

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Whether you need a quick draft or a detailed masterpiece, our app adjusts to your pace. Choose high-quality image generations for your final print, or opt for faster, sketch-like results while you organize your ideas.

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Blend up to nine images, including inspirations and custom images, with our unique Remix feature. Combine your favorite elements and render a highly personalized poster that truly reflects your style and preferences.

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Frequently asked questions

What makes a good movie poster?

Good posters are captivating and intriguing. They create a sense of curiosity and anticipation about the movie, using a combination of compelling visuals, typography, and color palette. Creating a visually captivating and thematically consistent poster greatly helps in grabbing the audience’s attention.

Who designed the poster for Jaws?

The iconic and striking poster for the 1975 film Jaws was brilliantly designed by artist Roger Kastel. His masterful illustration depicts an enormous, photorealistic great white shark head filling the frame, mouth agape to reveal its rows of massive teeth. In the shark’s jaws are the tiny silhouetted figures of two human victims about to be consumed, dwarfed by the sheer power and ferocity of the beast. The haunting visual, featuring the tactical tan beach background and ridged “JAWS” text, captured the core terrifying premise of the film in one simplistic image. Kastel’s Jaws poster went on to become one of the most famous and parodied movie posters ever, forever etching the man-versus-nature horror concept into pop culture through its ominous shark attack stance.

How did they get the picture for Jaws?

For the haunting Jaws poster image, the production did not actually photograph a real great white shark attempting to devour people. Instead, they had an incredible scale model of the shark’s massive open mouth and teeth created specifically for promotional photography. A special effects team built the incredibly detailed 25-foot wide shark mouth model out of wood, plastic and rubber. During the poster photo shoot, miniature dolls representing human victims were positioned inside the gaping jaws to achieve that startling, menacing visual of the shark about to attack its prey. With skilled lighting and camerawork to make it appear more realistic, a few shots were taken of this jaw model that artist Roger Kastel then used as reference to painstakingly illustrate and paint the iconic and terrifying Jaws poster art.

Why is the Jaws poster so good?

The Jaws poster is brilliant in its simplicity and ability to instantly convey the core terrifying premise of the film through one haunting visual. By depicting solely the gaping jaws of an absolutely massive great white shark, the poster channels the visceral fear and vulnerability we’d experience in the presence of such an apex predator. The massive scale and detail of the shark mouth leaves nothing to the imagination – this is the last thing its prey will ever see. Yet the minuscule human silhouettes within its jaws represent every single viewer, creating an unsettling identification with the victims’ helplessness. Combined with the ominous tan palette reminiscent of an empty beach, Roger Kastel’s photorealistic illustration successfully captures Jaws’ fundamental man-versus-nature conflict and horror through iconic imagery burned into our cultural psyche.

How does Idyllic aid in creating a poster?

Idyllic provides the tools to generate high quality, unique posters from text descriptions. With an iterative creation process and multiple resolution and quality options, you can fine-tune your poster to perfection. Plus, with the Remix feature, you can blend images to create a personalized work of art.

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