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Embroidery Artwork Creator | Explore or Make

Introduce a whole new level of detail to your embroidery designs with our innovative text-to-image generator. Craft intricate designs effortlessly, no complex design skills required. Explore our huge selection of community made designs, share, comment or use!


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Unleash Your Creativity in Embroidery Art

Our specialized generative models take your text descriptions and convert them into stunning embroidery designs. Adjust color intensity, image resolution, and add your preferred textures easily. Ideal for embroidery artisans, hobbyists, or anyone looking to enter the magnetic world of embroidery art.

Inspirational Framework for Unique Artistry

Make use of our Remix feature to blend up to nine design inspirations together. Provide your text description alongside inspiration images to guide your design style and watch as we generate unique embroidery patterns for you.

Interactive Community Experience

Browse creations from other artisans, engage with comments and likes, draw inspiration while injecting new influences into your own work. Better yet, publish your own creative process and finished artworks to share with our vibrant community.

Frequently asked questions

How does the text-to-image feature work?

Simply describe your desired embroidery pattern in words and our AI will translate your descriptions into a visual embroidery design.

How many images can I combine in the ‘Remix’ feature?

You can blend up to nine different images to create a unique embroidery design. The more distinct stylistic elements, the richer and more diverse your final design will be.

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