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Idyllic lets you create stunning tulip drawings with just a few lines of text description. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or just someone who enjoys beautiful imagery, generate gorgeous tulip sketches and designs in high resolutions. Explore our huge collection of user-generated floral art, and use or share any you like!


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Create Stunning Tulip Art with Simple Text Instructions

Idyllic gives you unprecedented power to transform text descriptions into beautiful, digital tulip art. Whether you desire a watercolor painting of a field of tulips at sunrise, or a minimalist modern tulip sketch, simply describe what you want and watch our technology work its magic.

Fine-tune Your Tulip Art

Want to refine your image after the initial generation? With Idyllic’s iterative creation process, you can ask for specific changes in subsequent requests, allowing for a detailed and customized creative process to achieve your perfect tulip masterpiece.

Inspired by the Masters or Your Own Imagination

Idyllic’s Remix feature lets you blend up to nine images, using ‘inspiration images’ alongside your text, like a beloved painting from Van Gogh or Monet, to guide your tulip art’s style. Unleash your creative spirit!

Become Part of a Thriving Creative Community

Idyllic isn’t just an art tool. It’s also a social platform where you can share, comment, like and follow other users. Publish ‘threads’ of your workflow and see others’ processes—great for learning and inspiration!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need any drawing skills to use the Idyllic?

No, you don’t require any drawing skills to use Idyllic. You only need to provide a text description of the tulip drawing you want, and the app handles the rest.

How detailed can the tulip drawings be?

The detail level of your tulip art depends on the description you provide. The more detailed the description, the more detailed the image. You can also fine-tune your image with the iterative creation process.

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