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AI Generated Character Creation | Explore or Create

Breathe life into your storylines and games with thoughtfully AI generated illustrations. Hero or villain, fantasy or reality, the possibilities are limitless. Explore the limitless range of styles, or get inspired by our huge collection of community generated AI character concepts.


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Unleash Your Creativity with Text-to-Image Generation

Turn your written character descriptions into stunning visual creations. Whether it’s for a graphic novel, a story board, or a gaming world, you can create a diverse range of characters – all from concise text descriptions. Delight at the precision, be surprised by AI improv. Be in control of your creative expression like never before. Play around with styles, settings and see your characters come alive.

Refine until Perfection with Iterative Creation

Need your character to have slightly more pronounced features? Or a specific hairstyle perhaps? Keep refining until it’s just right! With Idyllic, you can mention specific details in subsequent messages to shape your creations in a detailed and customized way.

Share Your Characters with the Community

Published a new character that you’re particularly proud of? Share it with the community, pool in feedback, gather inspiration from others’ creations and engage in meaningful interactions.

Frequently asked questions

What resolutions can I create my characters in?

Users can choose from a wide range of resolutions, tailoring the quality of the visual creations to meet your project’s specific requirements.

Can I incorporate different styles into character creation?

Indeed! With the Remix feature, you can blend the styles of various inspiration images to create a brand new and unique character.

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